Tivat Airport (TIV) Transfers

Tivat Airport - TIV - is an international airport in Montenegro which is situated 4 km from the centre of Tivat. It is the biggest airport in the country and 2014 was the busiest year for Tivat Airport when it handled about 911 000 passengers. 80 % of all the passengers are handled during the summer months, June, July and August.

Tivat Airport has non-stop (year-round) connections with Belgrade and Moscow with seasonal, charter flights being introduced during the summer months. There are no domestic flights because the distance between the two main airports (Tivat and Podgorica) is only 80 km. 

Getting from Tivat Airport to Tivat

There is unfortunately no organized shuttle transport for the passengers nor is the public transport available between the airport and the town. This means that, in order to reach the town, you will have to take a taxi or book a private transfer. You will find a taxi stand in front of the airport building. Regarding private transfers, the best thing is to book one in advance. This, you will be sure that a driver will be waiting for you at the airport even if your plane is delayed. Some other advantages of a private transfer are the following:

⇒ Door to door service (no hassle with heavy luggage)
⇒ Usually cheaper than the taxi service
⇒ As you can choose the vehicle type, you can choose a bigger car if you are travelling in a group, so all of you will stay together during the travel

The travel time from the airport to town is around 10 minutes but in the summer months it can be more due to the significant traffic increase. 

Getting from Tivat Airport to other Montenegrin towns

If your plane lands at Tivat Airport but you want to visit some other town in Montenegro, the options are the following: as mentioned above, you can take a taxi or you can book a private transfer prior to your arrival. By taxi or private transfer you can either go directly to your destination or you can reach the bus station in Tivat from where you can continue by bus to the most popular Montenegrin destinations which you will see listed to the right.

Getting from Tivat Airport to towns outside Montenegro

The best and the simplest option to reach the places outside Montenegro from Tivat Airport is by ordering a private transfer. The trip can also be done by bus and this is a more economic option but it is much more complicated then taking a transfer. Besides, the international bus connections are not that numerous. Some of the most popular destinations outside Montenegro are listed to the right.

Getting from Tivat Airport to marinas in Montenegro

Montenegro is a very popular summer destination and there are several marinas, Tivat Porto Montenegro being one of the most luxury marinas on the Adriatic. If you have a boat waiting for you at some of the marinas the best option is to prebook a private transfer; this way you do not have to worry about having to carry your luggage because you will be taken directly to the desired marina. Other Montenegrin marinas can be found to the right.