Sarajevo Airport (SJJ) Transfers

Sarajevo Airport - SJJ - is the main airport in Bosnia&Herzegovina. This international airport is at a distance of 12 km from the centre of Sarajevo. 2015 was the busiest year for Sarajevo Airport when around 772 000 passengers were handled. Some of the year-round international connections are Belgrade, Ljubljana, Vienna, Zagreb, Munich, Dubai, Istanbul... 

Getting from Sarajevo Airport to Sarajevo

Although it is a quite big town, Sarajevo unfortunately does not have any organized passenger transport from or to the airport. So, the options that are left are public transport, taxi and private transfers. Public transport (bus, trolleybus) is not the best option, especially if one has lots of luggage. You can find lots of taxis waiting outisde the airport and if you decide to take one, agree on the price before setting off. The last option is to book a transfer prior to your arrival at the airport - this option has the following advantages:

⇒ Door to door service (no hassle with heavy luggage)
⇒ Usually cheaper than the taxi service
⇒ No waiting time at the airport, as the driver is waiting for you, even if your flight is delayed
⇒ As you can choose the vehicle type, you can choose a bigger car if you are travelling in a group, so all of you will stay together during the travel

The travel time from the airport to the city is usually 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the period of the year and of the traffic.

Getting from Sarajevo Airport to other towns in the country

If you want to reach some other town in the country from Sarajevo Airport you can do so either by bus lines or simply by ordering a transfer in advance. In case you decide to take a bus, which is a cheaper travel option, you will anyway have to take a taxi or a private transfer to one of the bus stations in Srajevo from where you will continue by bus to your final destination. A door to door transfer is a bit more expensive option but definitely a better one if you have lots of luggage or if your destination does not have any bus connection. The most popular destinations within Bosnia&Herzegovina can be found on the right side of the page.

From Sarajevo Airport to destinations outside the country

In order to reach towns in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro or Slovenia one can use regular bus connections from one of the bus stations in Sarajevo. The bus connections are relatively frequent, however they depend on the destination you are headed to. So it might be better to book a transfer in advance if you are not sure how much time you will have to wait for the bus. Also, a private transfer is a much better option if you have lots of luggage or even if you travel in a bigger group and if your final destination is not connected by buses. Places outside the country which are the most popular from Sarajevo Airport can be found listed to the right.

How to reach other airports from Sarajevo Airport

Since there are no direct bus connections from Sarajevo Airport to any airport whatsoever, the best option is to book in advance your private transfer. In principle, these trips are doable by bus but they are a bit complicated and time consuming. To the right you can see a list of the popular airports from Sarajevo Airport as well as the transfer prices.