Mostar Airport (OMO) Transfers

Mostar Airport is located in Ortijes, approximately 8 km from the centre of the town. The airport is mostly used by pilgrimage travellers, those who visit Medjugorje; it is also used by seasonal low-cost companies from Italy.

How to reach Mostar from the airport

Mostar Airport does not have organized passenger transport. Regarding local public lines, there are two but they do not go directly to/from the airport, they only pass near the airport. So, the only two options are taxi and private transfer. Taxis are parked in front of the airport building and if you decide to take a taxi, it is advisable to arrange the price with the driver before the ride. There are companies offering private transfer services and these are the advantages:

⇒  Door to door service (no long walks with heavy suitcase)
⇒  Cheaper than taxi
⇒  No waiting at the airport, the driver is there when you arrive, even if your plane is delayed.
⇒  Vehicles available for larger groups as well (you always travel together)

It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach the centre of Mostar if the traffic conditions are regular. 

How to reach other towns in the country from Mostar Airport

As already mentioned, there are no local nor long distance bus lines from or to Mostar Airport. If you anyway want to take a bus to reach a town within the country you will first have to reach one of the main bus stations in Mostar and take a bus to your destination. Another option is to take a taxi all the way from the airport to your destination but this will probably be a bit too expensive and that is why a private transfer is a better option; most usually it is cheaper than the taxi and the driver waits for you at the airport. The list of the most visited pleaces from Mostar Airport is available to the right. 

How to reach towns in other countries from Mostar Airport

If you want to go to Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro or even some more distant country, you can use bus if there are bus connections from any of the Mostar bus stations. However, you will first have to take a taxi or prebook a private transfer to take you from Mostar Airport to a bus station in Mostar. It is always possible to book in advance your private transfer to any destination you want but this option is for those who are not travelling on a budget. The list on the right contains the most popular destinations from Mostar Airport outside the country.