Belgrade Airport (BEG) Transfers

Belgrade Airport - BEG - is the biggest international airport in Serbia. It handles app. 3 million passengers a year. The airport is located 18 km west of Belgrade centre. Belgrade Airport bears the name of Nikola Tesla, a famous scientist and inventor. Belgrade Airport has numerous year-round connections across Europe as well as many seasonal flights. 

Getting from Belgrade Airport to the centre

Belgrade Airport and Belgrade centre have very good connections. There is an airpot bus line, A1, which runs every 20 minutes during the day and every hour after 19:30. The travel time is app. 30 minutes. In addition to the airport bus there is also a public bus, line no. 72 which will in app. 30-40 minutes take you to the centre, more precisely the area called Zeleni Venac. Certainly, you can use taxi services and private transfer services. The main advantages of a private transfer are:

⇒  Door to door service (No long walks with heavy suitcases)
⇒  In most cases cheaper than taxi
⇒  No waiting at the airport, the driver is there when you arrive, even if your plane is delayed.
⇒  Vehicles available for larger groups as well (you always travel together)

How to get to other towns in Serbia from Belgrade Airport

Bigger Serbian towns are relatively well connected by bus from Belgrade. However, in order to travel by bus it is first necessary to reach the bus station in Belgrade from the airport; this can be done either by bus, taxi or private transfer. In case you have booked a bus from Belgrade bus station it is better to take a private transfer because you will reach the bus station much faster then by bus. Also, if you are headed towards a destination that has no bus connection, a private transfer is the best option. To the right you will see the most popular transfers within Serbia. 

Getting to the neighbouring countries from Belgrade Airport

As it usually is the case, there are no direct bus lines from Belgrade Airport to other towns, whether in Serbia or any other country. For those who want to reach a town in Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia and others, it is necessary to reach the bus station in Belgrad from where it is possible to take another bus, if there is one, to a desired destination. Belgrade has relatively good bus connections, but mainly to the bigger towns in the neighbouring and other countries. The safest way to reach your final destination is certainly a private transfer which will get you to any place, national park, village... It is a more expensive travel option then the bus but definitely saves more time and is more comfortable.

Reaching other airports from Belgrade Airport

If you land at Belgrade Airport but have another flight from a different airport, the easiest and the fastest way to reach the other airport is by taking a private transfer. You can thus reach the airport of Budapest, Zagreb, Sarajevo or any other. The distance between the airports as well as the transfer prices can be checked in the list to the right.