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Airport Venice transfers

Venice Airport Marco Polo - VCE - is an international airport situated on the mainland, 8 km north of Venice centre. In 2015, almost 8 751 000 passeengers passed through the airport which makes it the fourth busiest airport in Italy.

Getting from Venice Airport to the centre

There are several ways to reach the centre of Venice from the airport. The easiest and the cheapest way is certainly taking the airport bus which runs every 20 minutes between the airport and the centre. It is also possible to use the public bus services as well as the public boat services. As one would expect, taxi services can also be used. Regarding private transfers, they are available by car and by boat; private boat transfers are rather expensive so a car transfer will do. Here are some of the advantages of taking a private car transfer:

⇒  Door to door service (No long walks with heavy suitcases)
⇒  In most cases cheaper than taxi
⇒  No waiting at the airport, the driver is there when you arrive, even if your plane is delayed.
⇒  Vehicles available for larger groups as well (you always travel together)

The travel time beween the airport and the centre depends on the chosen type of transport but it is between 20 and 35 minutes. When travelling from the centre to the airport bear in mind that it is not good to take the local bus since it makes several stops along the way so the journey might take longer. 

How to reach other Italian towns from Venice Airport

Italy in general has very good train connections between the cities, either on the mainland or the coast. So from Venice train station you can reach almost every town in Italy. Venice train station can from the airport be reached, as mentioned above, by bus, taxi or private transfer. Private transfer services can be used all the way from the airport to your final destination. Thus, you save your holiday time and you do not have to hassle with your luggage. What the most popular destinations from Venice Airport are you can find out by checking the list to the right. 

Getting from Venice Airport to Gardaland

Being the most popular theme park in Italy, Gardaland can be reached by public means of transport (train) combined with a free shuttle service of the park. The nearest train station to Gardaland is 2 km away from where the park's shuttle runs every 30 minutes. If this, however, is not an option to consider, there is always the option to book in advance your private transfer to reach this famous park. Private transfer prices from Venice Airport to Gardaland according to the vehicle type can be checked here.

Getting from Venice Airport to Istrian towns

Istria, as a very popular summer destination, can from Venice Airport be reached by bus or by booking a private transfer in advance. If you decide to go by bus, be aware that there are no direct bus lines from the airport which would take you to the Istrian towns. You will have to first reach either Venice Mestre bus station or Tronchetto bus station (Isola Nuova) from where there are bus lines to the biggest Istrian towns. If this is too complicated for you then you should consider taking a private transfer; this is also an option if your destination is not reachable by bus. Check the most researched transfers from Venice Airport to Istria in the list to the right. 

Getting from Venice Airport to destinations in the neighbouring countries

Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and their most visited destinations can certainly be reached from Venice Airport, either by bus or, even better, by private transfer services. As already mentioned, there are no direct bus lines from Venice Airport to the towns in the neighbouring countries. In order to travel by bus it is necessary to reach first one of the Venice bus stations from where there are buses to towns outside Italy. A much simpler travel option is a private transfer; this way you do not have to hassle with your luggage, you do not have to think if you will catch the bus and you will be taken directly to your destination. The most visited destinations from Venice Airport outside Italy are the following.